The Cofounder launches India’s First Startup Magazine

by Anupama Gangulyon October 19, 2016
Providing a discovery platform online before and now pivoted to India’s first Startup print media magazine The recently-launched India’s first startup magazine showcased a plethora of insights to one of the most dynamic domain of today i.e. The Startup World. The Cofounder, India’s First Startup Magazine, one of its own kind in the market is […]


by Abhishhek Tripathion October 17, 2016
Find the real facts behind SSC CGLE (Combined Graduate Level Examination) 2016 Tier I re-examination. Do you know the actual fact behind the SSC CGLE 2016 re-examination? Do you know why the SSC is conducting the CGLE exam again? This re-examination for only one exam shift conducted on 27th August, 2016 seems to suggest a […]


These Paki Guys Roasted Narendra Modi in a Rap Song

by Avikshit Kumaron October 10, 2016
After Uri Attack, Surgical Strikes, Gurdaspur attacks, Pigeons, balloons and a lot more, some Pakistani artists named, SomeWhatSuper and Ali Gul Pir made a song on Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The song was uploaded yesterday on YouTube, and it has got some 3K views till now. The song depicts the tensions between India and […]

8 Things your DAD never told you

by Avikshit Kumaron October 8, 2016
Dads are the best. They are the silent lover. Probably, they are going through a lot, but they may not tell you everything. Maybe, your relations is not great with your dad as it is with your mom. But dad’s love you equally and you need to know this. There are some things that a […]


This guy’s answer on QUORA is trending everywhere, Here’s why!

by Avikshit Kumaron October 7, 2016
Can you differentiate between good guys and bad guy? You probably can. But have you ever though where they are? If you did, you are like most of the girls in the world. The world is full of jerks and I agree it is not easy to find out a right guy out there. It’s […]

Natural remedies to get rid of Pre-mature greying of hair

by Avikshit Kumaron October 7, 2016
It is really annoying when somebody points out your grey hair or when you look into the mirror or make a superb hairstyle but you notice some grey hair. It reduces your inner confidence and also makes you look bad. Occurrence of grey hair as you age is normal but not when you are young. […]


Why you should QUIT SMOKING right away

by Avikshit Kumaron October 6, 2016
  Smoking is a terrible habit. It don’t just ruins you, but also irritates people nearby you. I know that it is not an easy job to quit smoking. I also know you must have made commitments to yourself a tons of times, but failed. Here, I am trying to let you make that commitment […]

Delicious Navratri Snacks you must try this season

by Avikshit Kumaron October 3, 2016
  In these auspicious 9 days of Navratri, We are here to present you 9 delicious snacks recipes you can try. These foods are totally good to eat during fast. For some foodie people like me, it is not possible to keep fast. But with these snacks, I was able to manage it. Here are […]


Pigeon from Pakistan arrested at border in Punjab

by Avikshit Kumaron October 3, 2016
A pigeon, which most likely came from Pakistan, was taken into custody by border guards after a letter addressed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was found on the bird. The letter to PM Modi was written in Urdu, a language spoken in Pakistan, and read: “Modi Ji, do not consider us same people as […]


11 Signs That He Totally Loves You

by Avikshit Kumaron September 30, 2016
True love is hard to find. In today’s world, when most people is only behind lust and sex, There are some people who would truly loves you. That person will never leave your side. But how do you know when a guy really loves you. No, you can not know that. But yes, there are […]