5 Definite Ways To Improve Business Blogging

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So, you are a business selling few products or certain services. Do you have a website? Are you digitally active? Do you have a blog?

If you say yes to at least first two questions, you are better off than most of the businesses out there!

Believe me when I say this, making your website rank is great but being social and winning at that is the best practice one could follow. If you haven’t started a blog yet, you’re not too late. Start it as soon as you can. Business blogging is not just a trend; it is beneficial and is here to stay!

Why is business blogging important for you, you might wonder.

It does wonders for the company as it makes people know what and how the company works, more about the services and products, the culture; thus making them curious and interested to work with you. Getting it?

Honestly, even <Company name> benefits from blogging as clients read our blogs and inquire about the services we provide.

To add to the charm, blogging is great for SEO!

Here is a deal, it is not as easy as it looks like. It’s real hard work if you want to bank on it for ROI.

If you follow few simple rules, you’ll get a glimpse of the success from business blogging. From ranking to loyal clients and customers, your blogs can fetch you all.

Read on to know how it is to be done.

Don’t Sell On Your Blogs

One might think that blogs are a great way to elaborately tell the world why they should choose them and work with them. Talking about their products and services on the blog is a complete no-no!

Don’t Be Too Salesy

What happens when a salesman visits your door and starts jabbering about the product they want to sell, you close the door, right? But if the person knocks your door and tells you that they have something to inform you about which might improve your lives- you would listen, if not purchase right there. Exactly!

You write blogs to tell your customers and audience that you have information that could enhance their lives. If they like your advice, there’s a high chance that they’ll stick to your blog.

They get knowledge and in return you get benefits in SERP ranks, traffic and brand recognition.

In addition to that, make sure your blogs are engaging by adding a non-formal and personal touch to it by focusing on your target audience. If your readers have something to take home after reading your blogs, you have done justice to your blog.

Blog To Connect

When you write a blog which is formal and full of jargons, readers will immediately feel detached. You must talk rather than write in your blogs. When you talk, you tend to engage. When your readers resonate with what you’re trying to say or inform, they’re more likely to respond with a personal touch.

Make your blog more of a conversation rather than a collection of facts or statements.

However, it is important to note that you must keep a check on the tone of your blog. Having a light-hearted tone in our blogs will give an impression to your readers that there are humans that they’re connecting with!

Hit hard With A Killer Headline!

Remember the times in school when writing the headings for your essays carried more marks than the essay itself. It was for a reason!

Most of the times, the heading of the article or the blog is what attracts the readers.

If you have written a brilliant article with properly-researched data but the heading is not as appealing, you cannot expect your readers to make that click to your blog and read further.

Learn to write brilliant headings here:

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And how Neil Patel simplified writing blog headlines

Start Well and End Well

Have you noticed how the most interesting news is placed on the top portion of the newspapers? Why do you think is that?

It’s scientifically proven that one tends to skip what’s in between unless the top portion is really interesting. Hence, make sure your readers get hooked onto the blog from the first paragraph itself.

Now, your blog is interesting enough, but how do you end it?

The flow of the article should be such that it doesn’t end abruptly into nothing. You can write a conclusion telling them what is their take-away from the article. You can be opinionated!

Call For Action!

Yes, once the reader is done reading the article, the information is processed into their brains – now what?!

Unless you tell them what they’re supposed to do with that information, how’d they know what was your purpose of the blog?

For starters, you might want to throw a question at the end of the blog and ask your readers to comment on the comments section below. Apart from that, you can include an email list with call-for-action terms as ‘subscribe’ or ‘discover’ or even ‘get our blogs in your e-mail’, so that readers who are interested can keep in touch.

Once in a while, you might also offer them a free e-book or a discount coupon to subscribe!

It is always important to remember that quality content is what matters. Blogs connected with your website can boost your SERP rankings greatly. Additionally, when readers share your blogs on social media platforms, social signals helps Google pay heed to your site. Win-win situation!

If you haven’t started yet, do not waste any more time and get-set-blogging!