6 Reasons to visit Dantewada


Be prepared to get social isolation

Not kidding! You can have a shock of a lifetime because your beloved mobile networks are gonna betray you, as soon as you desire to post the selfies or the videos of the beautiful nature but that bears the fruit of being closer to the mother nature and taking a leap from the virtual world.

  • Flush the fear.

Its time to bid adieu to the fear of rumors and news widely spread across the internet. The place is safe, cops and CRPF forces are active even on the highways and at the remote villages too. Police pickets and camps can be figured out all across the state. Even the tribal people are cooperative enough to offer you a complementary cup of tea or some exotic pakodas, lucky enough? you can get a free shot of Mahua or Salphi ‚Äď the local wine brewed with love and care ūüėČ

  • Sports shoes are a must.

Bought a new pair of moccasins or some elegant leather shoes and planning to flaunt them? That’s definitely a big NO because the roads are quite dusty and the mountains are surely a tempt that will convince you to trek on them. So pull up the laces, wear your sports cap and climb on! Voila that’s Chattisgarh for you.

  • Spicy Food

The food is loaded with mirch, garam masala and spices that are surely going to explode in your mouth. The vegetables and local curries are a must have followed by some fantastic kheer served with a smile in the local dhabas.

  • Shiva and Ganesh Bhakts Galore!

While travelling almost 500 kilometres, there were a lot of ancient temples which are now under the custody of ASI. The carvings and decorations on the stones are jawdropping. The locals told that most of the temples were detoriated with time and attacks, yet they bring out the best of culture and heritage of Chattisgarh.

  • Chattisgarh has the glimpse of the unknown culture

The youngest state of the country boasts with its varied natural and cultural heritage. Food, Dance, Art, Literature, Monuments ‚Äď The state has it all! All you need is passion to know about it and to inspire others to pay a visit to the state. From trekking to delightful waterfalls, steep valleys and tribes, Chattisgarh deserves to be on your travel list this year!