An Emotional Letter to Her Children By A Young Mom


“Dear Kiddo,

Over the years I have become a patient woman, docile: No, patient: Yes. For few years now I have been pushed into the blood sucking well of marriage that should have happened two years ago according to one of the many astrologers involved in my minutes, hours, years, things around my neck & fingers.

What I think about marriage? Its a beautiful relationship to be with someone all your life. For someone as old school as me, I believe in a marriage. For someone so aware of the divorce rates increasing, domestic violence not yet decreasing, seeing failed marriages in all age groups around me, under me, over me, behind me, separate bedrooms sleeping & et al I still believe in a marriage.

You know why I still believe in it? Because I want to live the story I wrote way back aged eighteen when I hadn’t seen this blasphemy of our catastrophic society that kills marriages, people, emotions & of course love. The story reads of my two children who I see in my dreams often, I love children, always have, since am a child myself.

I have seen you being born out of love, not out of no choice. I have seen your father who wanted you equally if not more than me. Your father loves you, reads to you, cooks for you, feeds you, gets fed even when he’s not hungry. I have seen you both pulling my saree & kissing on my lips to say we love you mumma. I believe in marriage because I want to be a mother. Because i know how important a father is with a mother.

They say you don’t like anyone, whats wrong with him? him? or even him? Yes, maybe I don’t like anyone if am being objectified, told to be a certain way, limit the possibilities of my beautiful gift of existence & most importantly how do I picture this trying to be a pocket square super cool/can’t frame a sentence/frowns as I stand up because I intimidate him/branded underwear to a branded car mister as the father of my child?

Ya, you are right everyone settles, yes yes of course everyone does. There’s a time for everything they say, everyone has to compromise, I agree. All agreed (told you have become docile from those short tempered teenage years!)

Yes, everyone has to compromise of their independence, individuality, inner strength to subjugate her to their needs or fancy.

But children, they should never even hear this word compromise, to live life full, fly, fly so high, never ever that I‘ll let anyone touch you by. Your father will be someone who flies with you, holds you & your mum near his chest each day. For you my children of that pure story of my heart I shall live a life of joy, strength, creative pursuits and a non-compromise.

Love always,
Your Young Mum :)”

Featured Image: The Mindful Word