Artificial Sun-SYNLIGHT


This century has a Technological era. Advancements have reached at that level where we people cannot even think of. Humans have become so capable that they can even transform a mirage to reality. Starting from enslaving a robot, think of “TRANSFORMER” or reaching space which is beyond our limits.

Again a miracle done by German Scientists developed an “Artificial Sun” called “SYNLIGHT”. The Solar Energy which is a great demand of today’s emerging world. This technology proved to be an advantage for solar energy since it can do replication of the amount of solar energy. The Artificial Sun which is powered by 149 industrial grade film projector spotlights. It is an eco-friendly fuel which in turn provides no harm to environment.

This project has been designed by German Aerospace Center (DLR) scientists. This setup has been assembled in a multistorey building and each projector emits light which is 4000 times the average bulb.

Due to the change in climatic conditions, Scientists said this is a high time to speed up the innovation to protect and secure resources which are at the verge of extinction. Since this method provides cheaper and cleaner way to generate energy.

Since every coin has its two sides. This innovation is definitely a great step to protect our environment but yes, this has also some disadvantages which prove to be fatal for humans. Like,” A person went in the room and if it was switched on, you’d burn,” Hoffschmidt said. This experiment is also highly expensive.

As this innovation can be used for many applications in future and go beyond.