Must Have Products For Your Baby In Winters


Baby skin is very sensitive and needs proper nourishing, care and maintenance. Winter season comes with family fun and pleasure, but at the same time Winter also becomes difficult for baby’s skin due to dryness and roughness. Therefore, it is very important to keep our baby’s skin clean and well-moisturized. Additionally, parents have to be extra careful about their little one’s health and hygiene during this season. Winters can be wonderful with little preparation in advance and by using right kind of products.

Body Lotion: The winter season might ruin the tender skin of your baby. Body lotion with Parabens free formula and richness of almond milk are ideal for protection and moisturising baby’s delicate skin. Always make sure that the lotion is non-greasy and quickly absorbed to make baby’s skin wonderfully smooth and soft with every use.

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Rich Cream: In winters, parents should always make sure that baby is being moisturised properly after bath to keep the baby’s skin soft and supple throughout the day. Good quality cream with the richness of Omega-3 and Vitamin E helps in deeply nourishing baby’s skin in driest areas.

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Massage Oil: Skin of a new-born is very gentle and requires special care everyday. Massaging baby with special baby oil that is parabens free and enriched with high nourishing properties of rice bran oil is very beneficial for baby’s delicate skin. Moreover the massage oil with rice bran formula is non-sticky which leaves the baby’s skin smooth and velvety soft.

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Steriliser: Baby’s immune defences are weak in the initial few months and all that comes into contact with mouth must be clean and sanitised. Teats, Soothers, Teethers and even small toys that your baby may put into the mouth can cause infection. Therefore, sterilising is advisable for the well-being of the baby. Using Sterilisers is of high convenience during winters. Sterilisers use the properties of steam to rapidly and naturally disinfect and avoid the hassle of boiling baby products in water again and again.

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Bottle Warmers:  The baby’s feed has to be at a certain temperature for the baby to accept the feed. While breast milk is always ready at the right temperature, but if you have to feed extracted breast milk or any top feed, digital bottle warmer is an ideal solution. Digital Bottle Warmer defrosts and warms milk and baby food in just a few minutes. It helps to preserve the quality of the milk because it heats gradually.

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Humidifier: Air quality is already a big concern even for adults. For babies, we have to take extra care.Humidifier is a very practical solution in winters. It restores humidity level in the room which helps in protecting the mucosa in nose and breathing tract; thereby maintaining its natural functions. Hot humidifiers use steam to humidify the room environment. They are especially helpful during cold and cough. Cold humidifiers use ultrasonic technology to disperse tiny water particles in the air to humidify. Now, the humidifiers are even available with combined hot and cold technologies that bring together the convenience of both.

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