Body Café: Traditional Rituals With Contemporary Twist


Homemade gifts from the heart are certainly a lot more memorable than hastily bought store goods. Tanushree Ishani D and Pooja Karegoudar started their venture called BodyCafé.  Pooja hails from Karnataka and is a serial entrepreneur herself. She has an event management company, is a baker at and is based out of Bangalore. For Tanushree, post her MSc in Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology from King’s College London, the entrepreneur bug bit her when she joined as HR country head for one of the leading Indian startups.

Image Courtesy: Body Cafe

Why did you decide to start something as home based beauty products?
We realised it was time to take ourselves back to the roots. We all are stuck in an endless battle of us versus stress. From the moment we wake up till we’re back in our bed again there is a constant simmering of to-do lists. It’s only a matter of time when it all boils over. Amidst this manic hustle-bustle of life, we realized that people want a healthy lifestyle where all is well. All they need is a little support to help them start investing in themselves. Imagine having products that take care of your grooming, pets, kids, home and are completely natural and organic.
Thus, BodyCafé was born. 

Do you keep certain things in mind while designing your beauty products?
We keep in mind the Indian audience. We have a range for men, mothers, geriatric group, working women, students, home makers. We also have spa products which you can use should you avail home based services for your grooming.

What is your best selling / popular product?
We are pioneers in the wellness range as we have products such as Sanitisers, Toilet seat sprays, genital wash, pain balms free from chemicals, alcohol, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances. We are also extremely excited to introduce our home range which would include products such as dish washers, floor cleaners, car/room diffusers to name a few. Our combinations are very unique and not regular. For instance we have a soap range that pays tribute to Indian spices because of their goodness and medicinal properties.

Image Courtesy: Body Cafe

Are your beauty products for men? Please share the details about men beauty products.
Soaps, lip balms, hair oil, sanitisers, face scrub, body butter. We have also launched beard cream, after shave cream and beard oil. We use ingredients viz. frankincense oil, basil, vetiver, charcoal, sun and sand to name a few to make the men’s range different and unique.

Image Courtesy: Body Cafe