Bookshop Café – Om Book Shop and Bent Chair Café Celebrated Their Launch


Om Book Shop along with Bent Chair Café celebrated the launch of Delhi’s Biggest
Bookshop Café on 13 December 2017 at DLF Place, Saket. Alongside, bestselling
author Anita Kumar’s book Cappuccino Confessions was launched by Tisca Chopra,
Shakun Batra. The author also shared her experience of writing her second book of
fiction after her previous best seller Delhi Anything Goes.

About the Store
The collaboration between Bent Chair and Om Book Shop was a sweet surprise for
all those who are fascinated by the culture of book cafes. With an experience of over
fifty years in the realm of literature, Om Book Shop is a renowned name amongst
book lovers and Bent Chair’s quirky home decor products have won hearts amongst
its industry peers, introducing the quirky concept of incorporating a cafe and a home
accessory store within a book store.

About the Book
“Eventually, I realised, it wasn’t straight people who reduced homosexuals, men who
curbed women, or the rich who oppressed the poor. It was the individual’s own
character and lack of courage to be one with their truth that restricted them.” Two
best friends, grappling with the many complexities of their lives, find themselves in
the middle of chaos caused by unfulfilled expressions and desires. Choked by their
secrets and desperate to find answers, they get embroiled in a dark web. In the
midst of this turmoil, they believe they have each other.

About the Author
Anita Kumar is a trained calligrapher and an artist. She has held exhibitions on
calligraphic Ganeshas and Oms in various galleries. Her inspirational journey,
Turning the Page, has touched many lives. She is also the author of The Divine
Light. Delhi: Anything Goes was Anita’s debut novel. Dividing her time between
Delhi, London and New York, Anita took to writing to express the ever-changing
canvas of her life.

Tisca Chopra at the launch of Anita Kumar’s book with Sanjay Mago, Ajay Mago and others.

Sanjay Mago, Director Sales and Ajay Mago, Publisher, Om Books
As the largest retail chain of bookstores in the NCR, we are delighted to offer book
lovers the flagship Om Book Shop. Bookstores have been, are and shall continue to
be the favourite hangout of book lovers. In many cities across the world, bookstores
are important must-visit landmarks. For the reader addicted to the smell, touch and
feel of books, Om Book Shop is the best place for your regular fix.

Ms. Natasha Jain, CEO and Co-Founder, Bent Chair:  We are driven by a strong
sense of place and purpose to create a cafe built around the brand’s product-range
along with options in coffee, tea and a wide variety of books to indulge in. The home
decor products are available for sale at the venue.