Coolest Heart Throbbing Attires For You


There is a famous quote saying “Fashion is an instant language which everyone understands without having to speak”. Yes, ofcourse in  this hot summer one can get confused what to wear but there is one thing which keeps all going- skinny jeans which makes you look best in all circumstances.

We talk about Fashion Bloggers or Super Models , everyone has proved that a  pair of jeans can do anything which no other outfit can do.

So, here we bring 7 cool summer looks which makes you feel comfortable everywhere.

1.) A classic Piece work in Tandem

Anahita Dhondy set a perfect example for those who wish to be a classic one. She pairs the trendy classic pinstrip jacket with Levi’s 501 skinny jeans. This complete attire makes you look cool and trendy and can go for the drinks with your friends.

2.) A Crop Top is a way much sexier thing

Sharmila Nicolett will make you feel yes, this is the best outfit and you just go anywhere and can chill out with your friends and just be comfortable.

3.) Go for the basic ones

Look at Teena and Tessa Vellara in their perfect combo with a white camisole-style top and a cropped shirt which looks cool and decent. You can step out for the party and have lots of fun with your girl friends.

4.) For Guys, Be yourself

Take an inspiration from Rid Burman just wear a polo shirt with a pair of loafers and went around the city just chilling and clicking.

5.) Look pretty with an over sized shirt

You can go for anything with skinny jeans , an over sized shirt too. Yes, You must go through Anaita Shroff’s attire and half tuck your white shirt into your jeans and explore the world.

6.) Going to chill, just wear this

Look at Ambika Anand’s asymmetrical top and jeans combo. She carried herself stylish and ready to go to booze with her friends.

7.) A tee combo is the best

This is for you guys to make you feel yourself up and never let you go down. This one is the coolest of all in which you look pretty confident and just be yourself and go through Levi’s jeans with the tee and layer it with a shirt just like Rohan Joshi does.