A Couple Went Beyond Their Differences And Ready To Have a Happy Married Life


Love has no boundaries. It never sees whether you belong to a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or any community. Love itself knows how to flourish irrespective of any differences. God has never made the religions but we, humans have differentiated each other in terms of race, caste and religion. It is well said “Every Religion has love but Love has no Religion”.

A newly-wed couple, Junaid Shaikh, who is a Muslim and Garima Joshi, who is a Hindu tied their knots irrespective of their religion. They had known each other when they were doing MBA in Symbiosis Pune.

After falling in love with each other, they went to Dubai and faced resistance from their families but after some time both of their families understood and agreed with their decision. So they finally decided to get married and adopted a completely different style of wedding without pheras and nikahs.

Social media has gone crazy by seeing their immense love and respect for each other and their entire journey has been documented by the talented Shutterdown Photography in this dream like video, which has over 37,000 views since it was posted on 17th April. This can bring a huge smile on your face. Have a look at it.

Happy Watching!

Garima & Junaid

Its so unfortunate that even today Hindu-Muslim marriage is considered a Taboo in our country. We met Garima & Junaid last year and after meeting them we were so convinced that love is way beyond culture and religion. But what really made us fall even more for them was the fact they are NEITHER having PHERAS or NIKAH. In Junaid's words – "We are just having a celebration, a celebration of 2 cultures and 2 families spending the rest of their lives together :)" #shaikhitwithjosh

Posted by Shutterdown – Lakshya Chawla on Monday, April 17, 2017