Jattu Engineer- Gear up for fun!

Put your hands up in da air!

Ram Rahim Gurmeet Singh launched the trailer and song of his comedy film Jattu Engineer in a public event at Sirsa, Haryana!

Jattu Engineer Wins Hearts through a Grand Entry!

The Revered Saint graced the stage in the get-up of his 5th upcoming movie Jattu Engineer to a thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the audience. Everyone present clamoured for a glimpse of the Revered Saint who made a grand entry on a vintage tractor which has designed himself. On this occasion, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan launched the trailer and a song of Jattu Engineer which was greatly appreciated and cheered by everyone in the audience.

Put your hands up in da air!

Jattu Engineer is a comedy with a powerful message: Dr. MSG 

Speaking to the media on this occasion, the Revered Saint said that Jattu Engineer is a clean and entertaining comedy devoid of any vulgarity and sends a powerful message to the audience. The movie does not have a single double-meaning dialogue.

The central message of the movie shows how every village can become self-reliant through the determination of its people and can help the government in developing the country. The main purpose of the Revered Saint behind making this movie is to bring about a positive change in society.He also said that the censor board has awarded a U (or Universal) certification to Jattu Engineer which means that it is suitable for absolutely everyone regardless of whether their age is 6 or 60!

In the movie, he plays double roles as a school headmaster who helps transform a village while the other role is of a comedian who will keep you laughing.

The movie showcases several languages including Hindi, Haryanvi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri and Bagri while demonstrating how people in any village can transform it positively with sufficient effort and will-power. It is truly a melting potpourri of cultures and traditions in India which most of the people aren’t aware even.

Dr. MSG – Baba got da swag!

Get your facts right : Ram Rahim Singh

When asked about the recent controversy surrounding singer Sonu Nigam’s comments on the Azaan, he said that no one should nitpick on any religion until they understand its depth and nuances.

He also spoke about his double-role in the upcoming comedy film Jattu Engineer which releases on 19th May. One of the roles in the movie is that of a headmaster who comes to a village which has a school but no teachers. The movie shows the different issues that the people of this village face on a daily basis. The other role played by the Revered Saint in the movie is about a person who comes from among the villagers and works together with them to bring about a positive transformation.

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