Shake, Serve & Sip


Creamy chocolate Mud slide


15 ml of Kahlua

15 ml of Absolut vodka

25 ml of Irish Crème


Take and add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker along with some ice cubes.

Shake well and fill up in a vodka shots glass or u can also put it in a medium size glass.

You can also top it with some whipped cream and chocolate sauce to make it more amazing.


Pina cold colada


30ml of Malibu rum

30ml of white rum

60 ml of fresh coconut water

30ml of sugar syrup

60ml of pineapple juice

20gm of coconut cream

Pineapple, orange and maraschino cherry for garnishing in the end



Take all the ingredients and put it in a blender.

Blend well all the ingredients in a blender.

Serve it in Tabu Tikki glass with few ice cubes (5-6)

Garnish it with fresh pineapple, orange and maraschino cherry.


Delicious pink smoothie

Shake up and sip a delicious yummy luscious mix of bananas, strawberries and soya milk, along with nutrition loaded flax seeds.


2 Tbsp of flax seeds

1 cup of flavoured soya milk

1 cup of chilled chopped strawberries

1/2 cup of chilled chopped bananas

2 tsp of honey

2 strawberries and 2 bananas slices for garnishing


Put strawberries, bananas, flax seeds and honey all together in soya milk, blend it all in a juicer till the mixture is smooth and frothy.

Pour equal quantities of the smoothie into 2 individual glasses and serve it to your loved ones.

Also put garnished strawberry and banana slice.